Child-size portion

In today's world every minute counts. Therefore, many parents are faced with the challenge of feeding a child with a useful porridge, and spend minimum time and efforts on it.

TM "Zhmenka" offers a solution for this problem by releasing a series of cereals specially developed for children:

paketikporcija-fishkaEasy and quick to cook

Children's cereal is packaged in special heat-resistant bags that simplify the cooking method, and minimize the time on washing pots.

fishka6 kukuruzkaIdeal child-size portion

Portion size is optimal for a growing organism of a child from 3 years according to the conclusion of sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise of Ministry of health of Ukraine №05.03.02-04/84340 from 17.09.2013

razvitie-i-rost-fishka-1Promotes growth and development

Each portion of a children's cereal contains vitamins and minerals, necessary for the development and healthy growth of a child

igra fishka-1Interesting game on a package

On each package of children's cereals of TM "Zhmenka" an interesting game is posted, that develops eye-mindedness, imagination, combinatorial abilities and attention