Wheat Groats for children 5*50 g

pshenichka_700Wheat Groats for children in cooking bags of TM "Zhmenka" – is a selected wheat cereal, that went through additional cleaning, and packed in special heat-resistant bags for easy and quick cooking of a child's-size portion of cereals:

phenichka-fishkaPortion size is optimal for a growing organism of a child

fishka6_-pshenichkaChildren always like porridge, as it turns out crumbly and tasty

fishka1_pshenichka No need to sort and wash the Wheat Groats of TM "Zhmenka", as it went through additional cleaning

fishka3_-pshenichka No need to measure the required amount of water and cereal

fishka4_-pshenichka No need to monitor the readiness of the Wheat Groats porridge – it is ready, as soon as it takes the whole volume of the cooking bag

fishka5_-pshenichka Wheat Groats does not burn and does not stick to the walls of the pot, so it is always easy to wash the dishes



razvitie-i-rost-fishkaWheat Groats for children of TM "Zhmenka" contains vitamins and minerals that contribute fully to the development and growth of the child
dlja-detej-fishkaWheat Groats porridge of TM "Zhmenka" is recommended to children from 3 years according to the conclusion of sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise of Ministry of health of Ukraine №05.03.02-04/84340 from 17.09.2013
eco-fishkaWheat Groats porridge is produced from selected grains which were grown in environmentally friendly areas
bez-gmo-fishkaDoes not contain GMO – Wheat for production of porridge for children is grown without use of genetically modified organisms
paketiki-fishkaWheat Groats packing contains 5 cooking bags of 50 g porridge each
1 cooking bag = 1 child-size portion

paketik-fishkaCooking bags are made of a special heat-resistant food film

dopotbor-fishkaIn cooking bags only selected grains are packed, that had passed an additional cleaning

igra_fishkaOn the back of the package an interesting game is posted, which contributes to the comprehensive development of children

iso-fishka fssc-fishkaSecurity of cereal is guaranteed by Food Safety System FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000, which is implemented in the production


Each serving of Wheat Groats porridge of TM "Zhmenka" contains a natural complex of nutrients, necessary for the development and healthy growth of a child. Portion size is specially designed for children over 3 years old:

Nutrition value and caloric value for 100 g of Wheat Groats:

for 100 g

Caloric value 316 kcal
(Energy value)

(1322 kJ)
Protein 11,5 g
Fat 1,3 g
Carbohydrates 63,1 g
Fiber 0,7 g
Natural content of vitamins and minerals in Wheat Groats:

for 100 g

В1 0,30 mg
В2 0,10 mg
РР 1,40 mg
Phosphorus 261,0 mg
Iron 4,4 mg
Daily rate of consumption of cereals per 1 child*:
from 3 to 6 years - 45 g
from 10 to 13 years - 80 g
from 6 to 10 years - 65 g

from 13 and older - 80 g

* Daily rate according to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from November 22, 2004 and № 1591 "On approval of norms of nutrition in educational and health institutions"

What you can cook

There are as many ways to cook wheat porridge as the number of housewives because there are a lot of wheat dishes.

How to cook

It is very easy and quick to cook the Wheat Groats in cooking bags of TM "Zhmenka":



Pour 1 liter of water into a pot. Bring to a boil. Put a cooking bag with Wheat Groats into the water



Add salt and cook on low heat without top for 15-20 minutes until ready



Take the cooking bag out of the water by prying it up at the loop with the fork. Let the water drain out

4Open the cooking bag by tearing it along the special rupture line
5-pshenichkaPut the cooked Wheat Groats porridge on the dish and season to taste