Cornmeal 4*75 g

Крупа кукурузная в пакетиках для варки 4*100 г TM Zhmenka Cornmeal in cooking bags is specially selected groats additionally refined and packaged in special heat-resistant bags for easy and quick cooking.

fishka1_kukuruzka No need to sort and wash out TM Zhmenka cornmeal.                


fishka2_kukuruzkaIt is easy to measure off a necessary amount of cornmeal: 1 bag — 2 portions.

fishka3_kukuruzka No need to measure off a necessary amount of water.

fishka4_kukuruzka No need to keep an eye on maize preparation. It is prepared when takes the whole size of a bag.

fishka5_kukuruzkaCornmeal is not burnt and does not stick to a pot's walls. That is why washing-up is always easy and simple task.

fishka6_kukuruzka TM Zhmenka Cornmealis always crumbly and tasty.


 ok_2020TM Zhmenka Cornmeal are produced of selected maize

Maize grains are produced of selected maize that is why there are no spoiled maize kernel parts (black spots). It has natural sunny yellow colour.

ok_2020 Cooked cornmeal is always crumbly

 Due to open water circulation around a bag and necessary liquid quantity absorption by cornmeal being cooked, it will always be crumbly.

ok_2020Admixtures free
The use of selected maize provides quality groats without weeds and admixtures. Consequently, there is no need to sort it out.

non-GMO GMO free

TM Zhmenka cornmeal in cooking bags is grown without applying GMO elements.

ok_2020Key Cooking Bag Advantages

пакетик для варки1 - Special tape with openings to open a bag easily.
2 - A safe and strong bag. You can cook a few sorts of groats in one pot at the same time.
3 - Natural groats. The use of specially selected grains.
4 - A handy loop for a safe bag keeping.
5 - A special heat-resistant food tape made by European Standards for safe and comfortable groats cooking.
6 - A micro perforated tape bag. An easy access for hot water to boil each grain off in a bag.



The natural complex of nutritious elements is retained in TM Zhmenka cornmeal:

Nutrition facts and calories for 100g of cornmeal:

For 100g

% of GDA*

Calories 337 kcal 16,8 %

(Energy Value)

(1410 kJ

16,8 %

Proteins 8,3 g
16,6 %
Fats 1,2 g
1,7 %
Carbohydrates 71,6 g
26,5 %
Dietary fiber 0,8 g
3,2 %

Natural content of vitamins and mineral elements in cornmeal:

For 100g

% of RDN**

В1 0,13 mg
9,3 %
В3 0,35 mg
5,8 %
В6 0,25 mg
12,5 %
Е 2,70 mg
27, 0 %
1,1 mg         

6,1 %
Magnesium 36,0 mg
12,0 %
Phosphorus 109,0 mg
13,6 %
Iron 2,7 mg
19,3 %
Zinc 0,5 mg
3,3 %

* GDA — approximate measure of the recommended nutritious elements daily norm of 2000 kcal diet per one adult.
** Recommended Daily Norn according to the EU Directive 90/496/EEC.


What you can cook

Maize porridge is cooked by different ways: boiled in a pot, baked in an oven, prepared in multi-boiling and porridge-cooking pots. You may cook them in any way since maize porridge and hominy or polenta turn out tasty and healthy. Do find a recipe close to you.


How to cook

It is easy, simple and quick to cook TM Zhmenka cornmeal:



To pour 1 litre of water out into a pot. Make it boil. Pull a pea bag into the pot.



Salt it and cook on small fire without a lid for 15-20 min until prepared.



 Pull out the cornmeal bag hooking it with a loop. Let water trickle down.


4Open the cornmeal bag tearing it off by a special line
1-kukuruzkaLay out the ready-made maize porridge on a plate and spice it by taste.