Delicate organic flakes of TM "Zhmenka" – is a great choice for a healthy breakfast or dinner, due to the natural taste, lots of nutrients and rapid method of cooking.

Organic flakes are made of selected grains, grown in environmentally friendly areas without the use of chemicals and synthetic means.

Why organic flakes?

fishka-galochkaDo not contain genetically modified organisms

fishka-galochkaWithout pesticides and agrochemicals

fishka-galochkaWithout growth regulators

fishka-galochkaWithout residues of nitrates, heavy metals and fertilizers

fishka-galochkaWithout dyes, preservatives, artificial flavorings

What confirms the organic origin of the products?

UA-Bio-609 fishka-organic-standart66px  
The Agricultural Production of Ukraine
Certified in accordance with the Standard, equivalent to the Resolution of Council (EC) 834/2007, 889/2008
Organic flakes are certified by Organic Standard