Oatmeal Flakes


Organic Oatmeal Flakes of TM "Zhmenka" - are flakes, made from organic grains that were grown in ecologically clean areas far from cities, industrial zones, and highways without the use of chemical and synthetic agents.

Oatmeal flakes are considered the healthiest breakfast for a good reason, because in addition to a number of b vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc etc) they are also a source of complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides), which give cheerfulness, and maintain the energy level of the human body without sharp fluctuations and normalize blood sugar levels.

Also oatmeal flakes are is rich in fiber, which protects the stomach from the negative effects of gastric juice, stimulates peristalsis and reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.

Organic Oatmeal Flakes of TM "Zhmenka" – is an incredibly healthy breakfast, which is recommended for both conventional and dietary and sports nutrition.


Organic flakes of TM "Zhmenka":

fishka-lozhkaThin and delicate, so they are very easy to cook, and porridge is always delicious and nutritious

fishka-tarelkaFast to prepare – only 3-5 minutes


fishka-kastrjuljaDo not require cooking, it is enough to pour boiling water over them, hot milk or broth

fishka-organic-productOrganic flakes are made from selected grains that were grown in ecologically clean areas without the use of chemical and synthetic agents


What confirms the organic origin of the products?

UA-Bio-609 fishka-organic-standart66px  
The Agricultural Production of Ukraine
Certified in accordance with the Standard, equivalent to the Resolution of Council (EC) 834/2007, 889/2008
Organic flakes are certified by Organic Standard  


Why organic flakes of TM "Zhmenka"?

fishka-galochkaDo not contain genetically modified organisms

fishka-galochkaWithout pesticides and agrochemicals

fishka-galochkaWithout growth regulators

fishka-galochkaWithout residues of nitrates, heavy metals and fertilizers

fishka-galochkaWithout dyes, preservatives, artificial flavorings

ok_2020Flakes contain useful vitamins, macro - and microelements, which makes them a great option for a healthy breakfast

ok_2020Due to the high content of fiber, porridge made of organic flakes of TM "Zhmenka" allows for a long time not to feel hunger, eliminates toxins, and improves digestion

Take a step towards a healthier future together with organic products of TM "Zhmenka"!

What you can cook

Delicate oatmeal flakes are perfectly combined with honey, fruits, dried fruits, berries and nuts


How to cook

To cook organic flakes of TM "Zhmenka" you will need:

fishka-prigotovlenije1Pour boiling water, hot milk or broth over the flakes


fishka-prigotovlenije2Mix well, cover with top and leave for 3-5 minutes


fishka-prigotovlenije3Salt, sugar and species add to taste


How are the organic flakes produced?

fishha1Providing a two-year transition period for organic raw materials for flakes

fishha2Using of non-treated seeds derived from organic production

fishha3The cultivation of grains by natural methods (crop rotation, agricultural activities, organic fertilizers)

fishha4Control of pests and diseases of crops only by natural methods

fishha5Storage pest control by using light, noise and traps

fishha6Maintaining a special microclimate during the storage of grain