TM Zhmenka has got its own groats production, therefore, all the groats presented by the given trademark have a set of advantages:

rice-benefits-1Special Raw Materials Selection Approach for TM Zhmenka Groats Production:
• focus on selected groats sorts
• company's high quality standards compliance

rice-benefits-2Up-to-date Groats Production Technology Use:
• natural vitamins and mineral elements retention
• obtaining tasty and aromatic TM Zhmenka groats

rice-benefits-3TM Zhmenka groats production raw materials post-treatment:
• Bolting
• Sorting
• Air stream cleaning

maximum-benefitUp-to-date technology allows of retaining maximum nutritious elements of grains in groats products: vitamins, micro and major mineral elements.

non-GMOThe products do not contain GMO elements, pesticides, the remains of agrochemicals and other harmful matters. All that is confirmed by necessary sanitary conclusions.

kontrolTM Zhmenka products are audited for a multilevel quality control at all production stages.

ok_1TM Zhmenka rice packing is provided with unique advantages allowing of simplifying a dish cooking.