Millet Groats 1000 g

пшеноMillet is produced of a crop known as proso millet. Proso millet is cleaned from top husks and is ground thoroughly. Millet porridge retains a great number of nutrients, vitamins, micro and major mineral elements and is an excellent source of valuable amino acids that are not synthesised in a human body but take an active part in all vital processes.

Millet protein content is quite high and equates with wheat protein content (about 11% by weight).

Millet is recommended for overweight people since it possesses a lipotropic activity. Besides fat, millet takes out toxins and antibiotics from a body.


ok_2020Soft and crumbly millet porridge

Millet being a 100% free of flower pellicles and capsules, each millet grain is cooked evenly, and millet porridge turns out delicate and soft.

ok_2020 Pure and selected millet kernels

3-stage raw materials post-treatment guarantees TM Zhmenka millet to be weed admixtures free (no spoiled or beaten grains).

maximum-benefitTM Zhmenka millet groats contain maximum nutritious elements
Due to careful production technology TM Zhmenka millet groats contain maximum nutritious elements:
  • 30% of vitamin В1
  • 28% of magnesium
  • 29% of phosphorus
non-GMO-50-na-50GMO Free
Millet grains are raised without using genetically modified organisms.
kontrolEach-stage production quality control
TM Zhmenka's own production provides with the quality control at the every millet groats production stage.


The natural complex of nutritious elements is retained in TM Zhmenka millet groats:

Nutrition facts and calories for 100 g of
millet groats:

For 100 g

% of GDA*
Calories 348 кcal 17,4 %
(Energy Value)
(1456 кJ)
17,4 %

Proteins 11,5 g
23,0 %
Fats 3,3 g
4,7 %
Carbohydrates 66,5 g
24,6 %
Dietary fiber 0,7 g
2,8 %

Natural content of vitamins and mineral elements in millet groats:

For 100 g

% of GDA*

В1 0,42 mg
30,0 %
В6 0,52 mg
26,0 %
2,60 mkg
26,0 %
1,55 mg
8,6 %
Сalcium 27,0 mg
3,4 %
Magnesium 83,0 mg
27,7 %
Phosphorus 233,0 mg
29,1 %
Iron 2,7 mg
19,3 %
Zinc 1,7 mg
11,3 %

* GDA — approximate measure of the recommended nutritious elements daily norm of 2000 kcal diet per one adult.
** Recommended Daily Norn according to the EU Directive 90/496/EEC.

What you can cook

We all know millet porridge from our childhood but not each of us knows what dish we can cook of millet groats more.

How to cook

To cook TM Zhmenka millet groats you need:

washOne millet measure to be washed well with water

waterTo add two measures of water

saltTo salt to taste

boilTo cook on small fire for 20-30 min until water boils-off