Organic Millet Groats 500 g

пшено органическоеTM Zhmenka organic millet groats is millet seeds, free from top husks, refined and ground. To produce organic millet there are used organic millet grains grown in ecologically favourable regions away from cities, industrial zones, and thoroughfares without applying chemical and synthetic matters.

The organic millet porridge benefit is explained by its record millet nutrients content.

How TM Zhmenka organic millet groats is obtained?

1_pshenoTo grow organic millet it requires soil refinement from chemicals within a two years period for an opportunity to certify land.

2_psheno For sowing only organic and untreated with a mordant millet grains are used. They are obtained as a result of the organic production.

3_psheno Organic millet are grown by natural ways (mulching, composting, crop rotating etc).

4_psheno For an organic millet pest control there are used natural enemies, light, noise, traps etc.

5_psheno A special microclimate is kept up for organic millet storage (fumigation free). Only natural means are used for a warehouse pest control.

6_psheno TM Zhmenka organic millet are stored separately in special warehouses and are packaged in a special packing made according to Organic Production Standards.


TM Zhmenka organic millet groats are audited for the correspondence to the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) highest quality criteria. The "ETKO" company certifies lands, manufacture, organic grain growing technology and organic millet.

The difference between organic millet and ordinary millet?

organic-production-millet Organic production
  regular_production Ordinary production

bio1 By the ecological selection principle there are grown the sorts of millet (pest-and-weed resistant, GMO free) especially for organic farming.
manuf1 Millet can be treated with fungicides and insecticides.

bio2 Natural methods of improving fertility (composting, humification, crop rotation) are applied.   manuf2 Natural methods of improving fertility (composting, humification, crop rotation) are applied.

bio3 There are applied other methods as manual weeding, mulching (when soil is covered with the layer of organic materials: hay, straw etc).   manuf3 Herbicides impeding weeds growth are applied to soil.

bio4 To fight pests there are used their natural enemies, noise, light, traps etc.   manuf4 Pesticides and insecticides are largely applied.

Only in case of the adherence to all the norms of the organic growing, manufacturing and storing production TM Zhmenka organic millet are marked on with special signs confirming products organic origin.


Why to choose the TM Zhmenka organic millet?

fishka1_pshenoGenetically modified components free

fishka2_pshenoPesticides and agrochemicals free

fishka3_pshenoGrowth stimulators free

fishka4_psheno без остатков нитратов, тяжелых металлов и минеральных удобрений

fishka5_peasContain more vitamins and mineral elements (Ca, Mg, Fe etc) than ordinary millet

fishka6_peasCorrespond to the European Organic Production Standards and is certified by "ETKO" company


Meet your healthy future together with TM Zhmenka products!

What you can cook

We all know millet porridge from our childhood but not each of us knows what dish we can cook of millet groats more.

How to cook

To cook TM Zhmenka organic millet you need:

washOne millet measure to be washed well with water

waterTo add two measures of water

saltTo salt to taste

boilTo cook on small fire for 20-30 min until water boils-off