Organic Brown Rice 500 g


Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka" – is a rice, grown in ecologically clean areas far from cities, industrial zones, and highways without the use of chemical and synthetic agents.

Long grain rice grown on the principles of organic farming - is an environmentally friendly product that is suitable for both children and adults.

How is the Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka" produced?

fiska-1-1For growing of organic rice the mandatory cleaning of the land from chemicals during 2 years occurs for possibility of carrying out the obligatory certification of land

fiska-2-1For seeding only organic not disease-treated seeds of long grain rice are used, which are the result of organic production

fiska-3-1Organic rice is grown by natural methods (mulching, compost, crop rotation etc.)

fiska-4-1For pest control of organic products natural enemies are used, such as light, noise, traps etc.

fiska-5-1Constantly support a special microclimate during storage of organic rice (without fumigation), struggle with storage pests by natural means only

fiska-6-1Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka" is stored separately in special warehouses, and is packaged in packaging made in accordance with the standards of organic production


Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka" goes through all stages of verification for compliance for the highest quality standards IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture), and "ETKO" company certifies land, production, cultivation of organic grain, and organic rice itself.

What are the differences between the organic and common rice?


organic-production Organic production
  regular_production Customary production

bio1 According to the principle of ecological breeding rice varieties are bred (resistant to pests and weeds, non-GMO) specially for organic farming
manuf1 Rice can be treated with fungicides and insecticides

bio2 Natural methods of improving soil fertility are used: compost, black mold, crop rotation   manuf2 Synthetic fertilizers and growth regulators are used

bio3 Methods that used: weeding by hand, mulching (covering the soil with a layer of organic materials: hay, straw etc.)   manuf3 Soil receives herbicides that inhibit growth of weeds

bio4 For pest control their natural enemies are used, such as noise, light, traps etc.   manuf4 Mass use of pesticides and insecticides


Only in case of compliance with all the standards of organic production in the process of cultivation, production and storage special characters are applied on the package of Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka", certifying the origin of organic production


Why Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka"?

fiska_bez_gmoDoes not contain genetically modified organisms (non-GMO)

fiska_bez_pesticidovWithout pesticides and agrochemicals

fiska_bez_stimuljatorov_rostaWithout growth regulators

fiska_bez_ostatkov_nitratovWithout residues of nitrates, heavy metals and fertilizers

fishka5_peasContains more vitamins and minerals (Сa, Mg, Fe и т.д), than common rice

fishka6_peasMeets European Standards for organic production and is certified by "ETKO" company

iso-fishka fssc-fishkaSecurity of rice is guaranteed by Food Safety System FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000, which is implemented in the production

Take a step towards a healthier future together with organic products of TM "Zhmenka"!

What you can cook

Unpolished brown rice is good for cooking cereals, trimmings, dishes with vegetables or desserts, and meals while dieting.

How to cook

To cook Organic Brown Rice of TM "Zhmenka" you will need:

SoakRinse with water

SoakPour into the boiling water at the rate 1:2

saltBring to a boil and salt to taste

boilCook on low heat with top for 30-40 minutes until ready