Product Series Catalogue

TM Zhmenka products are represented by the following lines:

Traditional Series

Traditional series includes common kinds of groats and rice which are typical for Ukrainian customers.

 Традиционная серия круп ТМ Жменька



Premium Series

Premium series includes various sorts of both élite and exotic rice that are popular in the whole world as well as unusual to the Ukrainian Cuisine groats

Премиальная серия круп и риса ТМ Жменька



Groats in Cooking Bags

Groats series in Cooking Bags includes diverse sorts of groats and rice in handy cooking bags which simplify the way of preparing and save your time for washing-up.

portsionka i detskaja



Organic Series

Organic series of TM "Zhmenka" speaks for itself – it contains natural and ecologically clean products – varieties of organic cereals, rice and organic flakes.

organic serija 757-2

serija organicheskih hlopjev-1



Macaroni Goods

Macaroni Goods Series combines macaroni of different shapes and forms made of rice flour and water.




Rice Cakes

Rice cakes Line combines light and crispy cakes produced of brown rice both in a pure state and with an addition of wheat and barley. TM Zhmenka Rice cakes are a healthy alternative to ordinary bread!



Organic Flakes

A series of organic flakes combines light and delicate flakes, made from organic buckwheat, millet, oats, wheat and barley. Organic flakes of TM "Zhmenka" are a perfect choice for healthy filling breakfast or dinner.

serija organicheskih hlopjev


Child-size portion

Child-size portion of TM "Zhmenka" – is a specially designed series of porridges and rice in cooking bags for children, which allows parents to feed their child with a useful porridge, and to spend a minimum of time and effort on its cooking.

detskaja serija v kataloge