TM Zhmenka rice advantages

rice-benefits-4Thorough groats selection for TM Zhmenka rice production
  • Focus on rare and elite groats from all over the world
  • Only those groats that correspond to the world quality standards
rice-benefits-5TM Zhmenka Rice is audited for a computer control in better grains selection. Each stage production control is also obligatory.

rice-benefits-3Three-stage raw materials post-treatment method for TM Zhmenka Rice production:

  •  Sifting through a few different types of sieves
  •  Air refining of dust and shorts which are formed in grain grinding
  •  Passing through metallomagnetic traps

maximum-benefitUp-to-date TM Zhmenka careful treatment and production technology allow of retaining maximum useful elements indicated on the surface of packing.

 ok_2020The percentage of broken grains is less than 3% (average market rice broken grain percentage is 15-25%). Consequently, TM Zhmenka rice grains are evenly boiled due to their identical sizes and will remain whole and won't be boiled soft. Thus, rice remains crumbly and a dish is nice.

non-GMO GMO free, without pesticides, agrochemicals and other harmful elements that is confirmed by all sanitary conclusions.

ok_1TM Zhmenka Rice packing possesses unique advantages which allow of simplifying a dish cooking.