Sushi Rice 1000 g

Рис Суши 1000 гSushi Rice is a special rice sort for making sushi. It is the only rice sort which by its classification is referred to the medium-grained sorts. This type of rice has its own special properties: after cooking semitransparent rice grains always retain their shapes and stick well

Calrous-riceTM Zhmenka Sushi Rice possesses a delicate fragrance and neutral taste that allow of combining them balancingly with any foodstuffs.

This rice is set aside for the Eastern cuisine dishes in particular for sushi and rolls; however, due to its properties it is good for cooking various types of rice porridges.


ok_2020Sushi rice has got properties of red caviar
After cooking TM Zhmenka Sushi Rice always retains its shape: grain to grain, and does stick well. For instance, if you put cooked sushi rice grains into your mouth and start chewing them you'll feel them bursting like roe corns increasing the rice taste.

ok_2020Sushi rice keeps up rolls shape and allows of eating it with chopsticks

After cooking Sushi Rice grains due to their emitting starch possess a high stickiness that allows ready-made rolls and sushi of keeping up shapes. Having Sushi Rice as a garnish it is easy-to-use with chopsticks.

maximum-benefitMaximum useful elements retained in TM Zhmenka Sushi rice
Careful rice sushi production technology allows of retaining all the benefit of rice sushi, namely, lots of useful elements:
  • 26% of vitamin В1
  • 11% of phosphorus
  • 14% of zinc
non-GMO-50-na-50 GMO free
TM Zhmenka rice sushi is grown without applying GMO elements.
kontrolEach-stage production quality control
TM Zhmenka's own production provides with the quality control at the every sushi rice production stage.


The natural complex of nutritious elements is retained in TM Zhmenka rice Sushi:

Nutrition facts and calories for 100g of
rice sushi:

For 100g

% of GDA*
Calories 347 кcal 17,4 %
(Energy Value)
(1453 кJ)
17,4 %

Proteins 7,2 g
14,4 %
Fats 0,3 g
0,4 %
Carbohydrates 79,0 g
29,3 %
Natural content of vitamins and mineral elements in rice sushi:

For 100g

% of RDN**

В1 0,36 mg 25,7 %
В9 5,30 mg
2,6 %
1,11 mg
6,2 %
Magnesium 7,4 mg
2,5 %
Phosphorus 84,7 mg
10,6 %
Iron 0,6 mg
4,0 %
Zinc 2,1 mg
14,0 %

 * GDA — approximate measure of the recommended nutritious elements daily norm of 2000 kcal diet per one adult.
** Recommended Daily Norn according to the EU Directive 90/496/EEC.

What you can cook

Do use TM Zhmenka sushi rice for cooking Japanese cuisine dishes including various sushi types.

How to cook

To cook TM Zhmenka arborio rice you need:

SoakTo wash well one measure of sushi rice

washTo add two measures of water

saltTo boil it and salt to taste

boilTo boil on small fire under a lid for 15-20 min

waterTo let it draw for some 10 min more without taking off a lid