Organic Products

TM Zhmenka organic products manufacture proceeds from the Organic principles. Organic products are a safety and quality diet!


The first thing is that within 3 years the soil where crops grow should not be treated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides. The Organic industry is audited for annual soil testing control. Only after this process it gets the status of Organic. 


There grow crops without an application of synthetics, pesticides and herbicides on the soil which has already got the status of Organic. The gathered harvest crops have the status of Organic as well.  

In processing the organic crops it is forbidden to apply any synthetic aromatizers and preservatives to say nothing of genetically modified organisms. The processes of hydrogenation, odour control, refinement are also excluded. The processing company is audited for annual Organic standards correspondence certification as well.    
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Annually the certified bodies follow all the deliveries of Organic products from purchases to further distribution by invoices in order to exclude any potential falsification.


The Organic products purity is strictly regulated from the very starting production cycle up to its getting to sales.

You've got the right to make the right choice!

TM Zhmenka is a tasty portion of health.