Rice Macaroni

Rice vermicelli and noodles made by a single principle: selected rice flour kneading and crystal clear water. As a result, we have a forming and drying of rice goods.
Rice Macaroni Goods Production Stages:

Stage 1. Rice Selection

The selected rice grains which do not contain gluten are used to produce rice flour. Due to this the prepared rice macaroni does not contain gluten that can cause an allergic reaction.

Stage 2. Water Refinement

The content of rice macaroni goods is very simple, that is why all the ingredients (water and rice flour) are to be of maximum good quality. To produce rice macaroni water is filtered and refined to crystal purity.

Stage 3. Rice Dough Kneading and Milling

By kneading rice flour and water there appears a mixture which is pressed in sheet forms. Using special equipment excesses of water are displaced from dough sheet forms in order to reach optimal moisture and air bubbles to make tight and identical by thickness rice goods.

Stage 4. Pasteurization

Rice dough rolls are warmed up to disinfect the dough and, therefore, further rice goods.

Stage 5. Raw Rice Macaroni Cutting

Depending upon a type of macaroni there are different equipments to make various macaroni shapes. Raw rice macaroni goods are cut by rotating blades, pressed by extruders, macaroni presses, led through various by shape openings. Thus they get their own shapes and sizes. Later they are cut out for pieces of different length and go on for drying.

Stage 6. Formed Rice Macaroni Drying

Formed rice and water flour macaroni goods are placed into a drying tank where the level of moisture and oxygen, and a during period are accurately controlled.
These measures correspondence depends on strength of formed macaroni goods and their consistency during cooking.
The process of drying aimed at binding and retaining these goods shapes is the final macaroni production stage. Later on they are sent to be packaged.

Stage 7. Prepared Rice Macaroni Packing

Freshly dried rice macaroni goods are specially packaged. There are indicated all the necessary nutrition facts, a storage life, a way of cooking, a producer's information etc on the surface of packing.

Stage 8. TM Zhmenka Products Quality Control

Macaroni goods production is strictly audited for quality control (from rice and water purchase to prepared rice macaroni packing). At the factory macaroni is always tried for flexibility, texture, taste and properties during the process of cooking.

Do plunge into the East countries coking traditions and get a real pleasure of an impressive variety of TM Zhmenka rice goods dishes!