TM Zhmenka Advantages

TM Zhmenka products have considerable distinctions from the average products.
Each line of cereals and rice has its own unique peculiarities and properties. They are:
TM Zhmenka products advantages and benefits:
TM Zhmenka products are offered in a brand revolutionary new packing which not only singles out on a shop shelf and provides each customer with necessary information but also makes the process of cooking simple, easy and pleasant.
The whole range of TM Zhmenka products is audited for quality at all 3 production stages and is characterised by its purity, selection, unique advantage and delicious taste.
Преимущества круп и риса ТМ Жменька

1 - Durable Matt Packing

TM Zhmenka two-layer matt packing film gives it a premium status and durability. It is quite pleasant and comfortable to hold in one's hand (in other words it's usable) since it can neither slip out nor tear out. A specially designed form of TM Zhmenka packing makes it persistent: it cannot either fall down or spill out.

2 - Product Type Stress

Large and clear product type writing allows of quickly focusing on while choosing either TM Zhmenka groats or rice.

3 - Product Showing

A transparent display allows of seeing TM Zhmenka groats or rice perfection.

4 - Precise Weight

Each TM Zhmenka packing is additionally audited for a weight control. It is this weight mark that is indicated on the packing surface.

5 - Groats And Rice Special Properties

The information on a tape indicates colour, benefit, texture, taste qualities and TM Zhmenka groats culinary peculiarities after cooking for an opportunity to choose the product according to a customer taste preference.

6 - Highlighting Products On A Shop Shelf

White and red contrast on packing visually singles out a product on a shop shelf. TM Zhmenka clear logo readability makes it easy to find products on a shop shelf.

7 - Perfect Dish

An appetizing dish picture attracts attention, shows the result of a cooking and a cooked product appearance.

8 - TM Zhmenka Groats And Rice Benefit

The main emphasis is made on vitamins, micro and major mineral elements contained in TM Zhmenka groats and rice.

9 - Elements Retention Guarantee

It is the mark confirming careful TM Zhmenka groats and rice production technology application. Due to this technology the maximum of necessary elements can be retained.

Преимущества упаковки круп и риса ТМ Жменька

1 - Experts Recommendations

Each person can get experts' answer concerning healthy diet, preparation of tasty dishes of required groats or rice by using the information on the surface of packing.

2 - Norms And Standards Correspondence

Groats and rice production norms and standards compliance is confirmed by regulatory data on the surface of packing.

3 - Products Peculiarities

More information about TM Zhmenka groats and rice peculiarities and properties.

4 - Nutrients Value Table

Necessary information for healthy diet supporters

5 - Regular Product Improvement

All offers and wishes are applied to improve TM Zhmenka quality.

6 - Easy To Open And Close Packing

With the help of a handy flap it is easy to open and close TM Zhmenka packing for storing. Thus, groats do not spill.

7 - Common Way To Cook

This will help you to cook a tasty and healthy dish.

8 - Recipes And Useful Hints

More benefits and varieties of dishes due to special and simple recipes

9 - Healthy Product Cooking Guarantee

Specification of each TM Zhmenka production stage for confirming its quality and benefits.